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Custom embroidered, screen printed or decorated items cannot be returned. We will gladly exchange or replace the item(s) if the item is defective or the decorating is severly different than what was sent in a proof.  In such cases we will need the item(s) back and we would replace the item(s) for free.  We must be notified of the exchange request within 48 hours of date of delivery.

Shipping Address:

Direct Embroidery

1205 Beneva Rd. Sarasota, FL 34232



   For apparel customization, we highly recommend using the garments that we obtain from our suppliers. Not only have we tested and are familiar with our products and how the materials will hold up with our print and embroidery, but we are also able to replace garments that we acquire if needed. However, if you would like to supply us with the garment to be customized we will do so, but in no way be responsible for your garments for any reason. This includes decoration longevity, washouts, damaged items, etc. on your customer supplied items.

    If we have supplied the garment or item, we have calculated a margin of error in the cost and will replace it. We cannot replace garments or items we have not sold or provided. If you supply the garment or item and there is a problem, we do not replace your item. Problems do not arise often, but the customer must be aware and agree to the possibility. Please allow a misprint ratio of approximately 3%. If you need complete orders or an exact number, please supply 3% overage. Any blank or unused garments will be returned with your order.

    Caution will be taken with any services on any custom, imported, pre-decorated, embroidered, specialty item or any items of an atypical or difficult material. Direct Embroidery will not guarantee printing or refund/replacement of these items, no exceptions.


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